Sunday, August 30, 2009

11 year Anniversary!

Saturday was 11 years! Wow, I can't believe it's already been that long, it makes me feel so old! Jared's parents babysat for us and we got a date night, didn't do anyting special, just went to dinner and hung out together. We had a great time though, we both still think of each other as our best friend,so we have fun doing anything together. I got dressed up in a cute new dress and of course didn't take a single picture of us!!! : ( What fun is a blog without pictures??? So....I am committing today, to take MORE pictures!! Even if I have to drive a mile away to a girlfriends house and let her take some!! I would feel silly but at least I will have the picture to capture the memory. I am still in love after 11 years and still want to grow old with the one I picked 11 years ago! : )

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's been awhile!!

Totally slacking on the blogging!! I have been busy! I am working every day for my mom now and trying to keep my head above water! ; ) I am going to start a new blog in the next couple of week's and it's about grace,encouragement, faith, scripture and more. I have felt led to do this for some time but been hesitant. I am ready now to start it! I think it will be encouraging to others! We are all doing good, the girls just started the 3rd grade, they love it. The boys are home with me and Jared, we take turns working/staying home with them. They are so much fun and we love it!! Jared is still working for his dad and looking for a job. We believe he has found one, we are cautiously excited and hope to have confirmation soon. I will post more soon!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lacey's Birthday-Girl's Day

On Saturday Lacey (my sis n law), her mom and grandma and I all spent the day out for her birthday! We got our toes/nails done, shopping, saw her new apartments, and then to dinner at Grimaldi's in Allen. It was so much fun and nice to get a day out with the girls!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My sweet hubby

I have the sweetest husband ever! He came up with this great idea the other day to have a date night at home once a week. He said we could put the kids to bed at 8, which is no problem because now that it's summer they are staying up late most nights, so for them to go to bed early one night a week is no biggie, they are plenty tired. Also, he thought we could take turns planning them. Isn't that so cute? We don't get to go out on dates that often so this is a great alternative. I am going to try to be creative with my date nights, but if anyone has any ideas for me, please share. For our first date night, he made me go in my room and then when he was done setting it up, I had to come out with my eyes closed and this is what he had laid out:

Jared's Moms 50th Birthday

Jared's mom Lisa, turned 50 yesterday, so the family gave her a big party on Saturday. We grilled fajatas and swam in their new pool! It was so much fun!

Alyssa's 4th Birthday

We went to Alyssa's birthday party a few weeks ago and it was so fun! It was at a park that also had a water play area. The water was a little chilly but that didn't stop the kids! Alyssa is Jared's sisters little girl, and her and Joey are great friends!

Mom's 50th Birthday

Almost forgot to post pictures of this! We had so much fun, Amy, my Dad and I gave her a 50th birthday party! We had Uncle Julios catered, Margaritas and lots of flowers. We asked everyone to bring her a flower arrangement. We were going to do prizes but ended up not doing that! We pretty much agreed that Amy's and my cousin Jana's were the best. Mine were cute too though! ; ) She had a great party and I got lots of good pictures!

Me and Kara-my sister n law (to be)


Amy's flowers

My flowers


My flowers
My cousin Jana and her awesome flowers!

My Aunt Judy and her pretty flowers

Jared being silly

Me and the Birthday girl

Mom and Dad

Opening presents

Mom opening presents